Is St. Nick Just Another Nick-name for Santa?

I never knew who Saint. Nicholas really was and I have always assumed that they were the same person with a different name. But is that true? If so, who exactly Saint. Nicholas and how is he related to Christmas and our modern day Santa Claus?

The Story Of Saint. Nicholas

Saint. Nicholas was a bishop who traveled extensively during the Roman Empire in the fourth century. His influence on Christmas is mostly credited to his generosity and love for children through gift giving and helping those in need. There are many variations of stories about Saint. Nicholas' generosity but one of the most popular one centered around a father with three daughters who did not have enough money for a dowry to get married (money brought by the bride to her husband on their marriage). During that time, the daughters unable to get married would mean that the father would have to sell the daughters off due to the absence of employment. As a bishop who inherited a lot of wealth from his parents that died during his early years, Nicholas decided to help upon hearing the father's story. One night, Nicholas secretly dropped a bag of gold down the chimney of the father's home and provided enough for the dowry which allowed the first daughter to get married. Bewildered but happy, the father gave the gold to the first daughter and she got married. However, the problem still remained for his other 2 daughters. The next day, the father was shocked to find another bag of gold drop down the chimney and his second daughter was able to get married. Determined to thank the mysterious man, the next day the father waited around the chimney in hopes that the mysterious man will drop another bag of gold. When Nicholas eventually dropped the last bag of gold to help the third daughter, the father chased Nicholas across town to thank him for what he did for his family. Upon meeting Nicholas, the father found out that he was a bishop and wished to remain anonymous because he did not want to bring attention to himself. However, given what we know now the words eventually spread and every time someone receives a mysterious gift, it was assumed that the gift was given by Saint. Nicholas.

So is St. Nick the same as Santa?

Yes! In fact, you can think of him as the OG Santa Claus! There’s actually a lot more to the story of how the modern version of him came to be, so keep on reading! While the Christmas tales evolved through time and varied across different countries, one thing remains unchanged - Christmas is the time of the year where where we we shower our loved ones with gifts and celebrate the season of giving by helping those in need. The very reason behind why we launched this project.”

Our later blog posts will cover the entire history of how Santa Claus was actually born, where his reindeer came from, how he created the Christmas stocking, and even about how he gained weight. If you enjoy learning more about the origins of our Christmas tradition, feel free to follow our instagram, twitter, or facebook pages where we will also be posting a bit of Christmas fun facts and jokes!






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