Give A Christmas Goat

Christmas Goats

Christmas is a time of giving, and it does not need to be limited to those directly around us. Giving a goat for Christmas is hands down one of the best ways to change a family's life for the better. At Santa's Postal Office, we give by donating $1 for the sale of every letter to buy Christmas goats for Canadian Feed The Children, a transparent charity with a very reputable food security program for those in need. The benefits of giving a goat is as follows:

  • Goats are a primary source of milk, cheese, and protein which is critical in helping children who are at risk of malnutriton
  • Goats provide a chance for women to own land and become financially independent to help bring her family out of proverty
  • Goats reproduce which sets up a solid foundation for a steady stream of income and enables family to grow businesses which brings help to surrounding communities

For more information, please visit the Give A Goat For Christmas program or take a look at their annual financial audit. You can create your letter using this link.

Canadian Feed The Children